🇮🇹❤️🇺🇸 Grant Cardone in South Florida: A Story of Visionary Leadership and Smart Investments

🇮🇹❤️🇺🇸 Grant Cardone in South Florida: A Story of Visionary Leadership and Smart Investments

When it comes to shaking up the real estate world, Grant Cardone is a name that stands out. As one of the most active multifamily real estate buyers in the country, his recent all-cash acquisition of 10X at Jacaranda—a 468-unit property in Plantation, Florida—showcases his knack for seizing prime opportunities. Through Cardone Capital, he’s closed nearly half a billion dollars in acquisitions over the past six months, with more on the horizon.

The Power of Cash Deals

Cardone’s strategy is simple yet effective: pay cash. “Why pay lenders 7.5% when we can share that with our investors?” Cardone asks. This approach resonates with his 15,000 investors, who are eager to invest in Florida properties that generate cash flow from day one. While many institutional investors remain cautious, Cardone Capital has raised over $1.35 billion across its funds and recently launched Cardone Equity Fund 24. The demand from retail investors, including those using self-directed IRAs, has been immense, as noted by Ryan Tseko, Cardone Capital’s EVP.

A Prime Investment in a Thriving Market

The newly acquired property, formerly known as Laurels at Jacaranda, boasts 468 units with average rents of $2,200. Nestled in the sought-after Plantation submarket, this 31-acre asset sits next to the expansive Plantation Central Park. Now renamed “10X at Jacaranda,” the property reflects Cardone’s signature brand and investment philosophy.

Cardone Capital’s unique position allows it to capitalize on what Grant Cardone calls “the greatest real estate correction since 2008.” Hampton Beebe, Vice Chairman with Newmark in South Florida, predicts that Cardone will continue to secure deals quickly, thanks to a war chest full of cash.

Leveraging Retail Investor Power

By harnessing the power of retail investors, Cardone Capital has managed to lock in lucrative deals, giving everyday investors access to high-value assets. Over the past year, Cardone has distributed $68 million to investors, yielding an annual cash return of over 6%.

Since its inception in 2016, Cardone Capital has built an impressive portfolio of over 13,500 apartment units across 41 multifamily properties, plus over 500,000 square feet of commercial office space, including the 10X Centre in Aventura, Florida, which houses Cardone Capital’s headquarters.

Visionary Leadership and a Bright Future

Grant Cardone’s visionary leadership and innovative investment strategies are clearly paying off. As Cardone Capital continues to disrupt the real estate industry, it’s evident that they’re well-positioned to capitalize on current market opportunities. Providing everyday investors with access to institutional-grade real estate deals is a testament to Cardone’s commitment to democratizing investment opportunities.

Inspiring Words to Fuel Your Journey

Reflecting on Cardone’s success, it’s clear that real estate is not just about buildings and transactions—it’s about vision, strategy, and the courage to seize opportunities. Whether you’re an investor or an aspiring homeowner, take inspiration from Cardone’s approach. As he says, “The best investment on Earth is Earth.” So, dream big, plan smart, and go after those opportunities. Your future self will thank you.