🇮🇹❤️🇺🇸 Real Estate Leaders discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence

🇮🇹❤️🇺🇸 Real Estate Leaders discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence

At today’s bustling 2024 REALTORS

Legislative Meetings, we witnessed a game-changing moment for the real estate industry as tech gurus showcased how seamlessly artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) can be woven into our daily workflows. Hundreds of passionate real estate professionals, each eager and curious, congregated to peel back the curtains on what the future holds at the “Emerging Business Issues and Technology Forum.” This wasn’t just your typical conference session—it felt like a glimpse into the future.


The session took off with an energetic start thanks to Julie Whitesell, steering the discussion. She posed a question that echoes in the minds of many of us: How is AI reshaping the real estate landscape? Picture being able to whip up a floor plan using just your smartphone, or virtually staging a house with a mere handful of clicks. Jeff Allen from CubiCasa introduced these concepts not just as possibilities but as today’s realities, making it sound as straightforward as slicing through a hot knife with butter.

Next up, Sam DeBord, CEO of the Real Estate Standards Organization, expanded our horizons. He envisioned a future where listings transcend beyond mere data and static images to become rich, dynamic media experiences that bring each property to vivid life right before our eyes.

Can you envision yourself donning smart glasses, walking through a listing, capturing video, and instantaneously generating a 360-degree tour? Sam helped us visualize a future where AR tools don’t just exist; they revolutionize our interactions with clients, enriching the experience and making it profoundly informative.

Then Scott Richard, our vice chair, really hit home the importance of being ahead of the curve. He’s a true advocate for diving headfirst into new technologies. “Don’t be afraid to adopt the technology,” he urged, encouraging us to lead the charge and set the pace in the industry. Imagine being the first to master these tools and setting the standard for tomorrow’s market!

Scott also unveiled a stunning insight: our smartphones are now the most formidable marketing tools we could wish for. “I can create a cinematic-style listing video on my cellphone that rivals a production company,” he proudly claimed. And why not? It’s not just feasible; it’s already happening, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary!

Chris Christensen, our NAR technology policy expert, highlighted how critical our involvement is in shaping the future of AI in real estate. His call to action was clear: get involved, make your voice heard, and ensure that our industry evolves in a way that reflects our values and ethics.

As the panel wrapped up, Julie Whitesell emphasized the vast “opportunity” laid out before us. This discussion wasn’t merely about technological advancements; it was a call to revolutionize how we conduct business, aiming to make processes smoother, faster, and more efficient for everyone involved.

So, what’s my message to all you real estate enthusiasts reading this? Jump onto the technology wave! Whether it’s AI, AR, or any new technology on the horizon, embrace it. It’s like catching the perfect wave at sunrise—exhilarating and filled with promise. Remember, every challenge presents a hidden opportunity. Seize these tools, and you may just find yourself at the forefront of the next big surge in real estate.


Let’s dare to dream big and build a future where technology and real estate progress hand in hand, shall we?