🇺🇸❤️🇮🇹 South Florida Market Stats for Broward Country

🇺🇸❤️🇮🇹 South Florida Market Stats for Broward Country

Exploring Browards Real Estate Scene; An Overview of February 2024

Broward, a place where the sky is painted with hues of promise during sunsets and the real estate market moves, to its beat. Lets dive into the details of February 2024 where data merges with aspirations and positivity shines bright.

Single Family Homes; Riding the Waves of Opportunity

In February 2024 Browards market for single family homes showed resilience as it navigated through opportunities with unwavering determination.

Despite a decrease of 0.2% in sales compared to the previous year lets stay hopeful as Browards real estate environment demonstrates strength and perseverance.

Cash transactions, the lifeblood of deals remained consistent at 28.3% indicating a community that values stability and financial strength.

However here comes the exciting part; the median selling price surged to $625,000 showcasing a 11.6% increase from February 2023. Broward isn’t a location; it embodies the enduring charm of real estate investments.

The total dollar volume skyrocketed to $720,118,008 marking a 17.2% growth, from the year. Broward isn’t just experiencing progress; it is embracing it wholeheartedly.

In the midst of all the activity Browards real estate sector stood strong with sellers receiving 96% of the asking price showcasing a dedication to excellence that doesn’t waver.

Time like a conductor orchestrating lifes symphony appeared to move in harmony, with Broward.

The average time it took to secure contracts saw a 4.8% decrease settling at 40 days.. The excitement! The average time from listing to sale also decreased by 2.6% reaching 76 days. In Broward dreams don’t just linger; they manifest swiftly leaving onlookers amazed.

Active Inventory is 3, 901 with 22.8% Change Year-over-Year and 3.8 months supply of inventory with 35.7% Change Year-over-Year.

As we bid farewell to February 2024 lets carry forward stories of resilience progress and the enduring spirit of Browards real estate market. In this community every obstacle is seen as a stepping stone to success and every setback as a prelude to victory.

Condos; Where Dreams Soar

The pulse of city living! Browards townhomes and condos market – a blend of dreams and ambitions – spread its wings in February 2024.

While numbers may appear as figures, on paper they narrate a tale of resilience, growth and the unwavering spirit that defines Broward.

Despite a decrease of 2.0%, in completed sales compared to the year Browards real estate market continues to offer promising opportunities.

Cash, the element in transactions was readily available with 58.2% of purchases made in cash highlighting the confidence and security that defines Browards real estate landscape.

The median selling price, a sign of prosperity stood firm at $290,000 marking a 6.6% increase from the year. In Broward each sale symbolizes more than a transaction; it reflects the enduring charm of the community.

The total dollar volume of transactions – a reflection of ambition – reached a $364,661,254 showcasing a notable 7.5% surge that echoes the fulfillment of dreams.

Amidst all this activity Browards townhome and condo market remained resilient with sellers receiving 95% of their listing price – underscoring their commitment to delivering excellence

Time seemed to move in sync with Browards rhythm. The median time to secure a contract saw an increase of 48.3% settling at 43 days.. Lets not forget the anticipation! The median time for sales completion also experienced a rise, by 17.4% reaching 81 days.

Active Inventory is 8,170 with 79.7% change year over year and 6.8 months of inventory with 112.5% cshange year over year.

As we say goodbye to February 2024 let us carry with us the stories of resilience progress and the unwavering spirit of Browards real estate market. In this community challenges are seen as opportunities, for growth and setbacks as stones to success.

Final Thought; Embrace the Path

Browards real estate market is like a thread in the fabric of life weaving tales of resilience, progress and boundless possibilities.

So lets embark on this journey with optimism in our hearts ambition in our minds and excitement for what tomorrow holds. In Broward it’s not about reaching our destination; it’s about cherishing the opportunities that come our way, along the road.


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